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7 Years and Counting

Alan DaurieThank you Landmark for the life you gave me access to 7 years ago this month. I took the Landmark Forum to divorce my wife after 14 years of estrangement in a 21 year marriage and as a surprise result fell in love with her again.

We recently celebrated our 28th year Anniversary.

I spent almost 55 years of not dancing and being fearful of being found out I couldn’t dance. It grew to a phobia like fear until I created a new possibility of enjoying dancing with my wife that had me lit up more than my fear and I became accomplished in modern ballroom dancing and also Victorian Ballroom…the latter of which I became a member of a dance cast and a dance host for. I have danced with about 1700 ladies in the 4 years since I took on the role of dance host each Dickens Christmas Fair. I ended my old relationship of avoidance with my mother. It had got so bad when I grew up that I joined the Army during Vietnam for my safety. This year 40 years of avoidance after that event I created a new possibility with my mother. I now have the kind of mother I had always wanted….one who loved me, who was proud of me, who wanted my success. I get to love my mother.

I took on my health dropping 70# in 6 months from 290# as I lived into a new possibility of vitality. My mobility was at stake. With 2 bad knees I saw myself as likely to be in an electric scooter soon. Instead I have more mobility than I have had in at least a decade. With the same 2 bad knees I added schottiche, the mazurka waltz and polka to what I do as a Victorian Ballroom dance host and dancing from opening to closing each weekend of Dickens Fair I was keeping up with the 20 year olds I was dancing polka with and I am 59.

My effectiveness as a Teamsters Union leader has skyrocketed and I get to take this education with me in case presentation, in negotiations, in making both my members and the employers being gotten and valued. I get to make a huge contribution. I also am starting my 7th year as an Introduction Leader for Landmark in Sacramento CA.

Can’t wait to see what I take on next.

Thank you!

-Alan Daurie
Sacramento, CA


“What I have found in myself and others as a result of participating in Landmark is the inestimable benefit of improved self-esteem, confidence and motivation. These are the key components of what some people are now calling ‘Emotional Intelligence’; they are also the prerequisites for success for learning, work and life.”

Sir Christopher Ball, Oxford scholar, knighted in 1988,
Chancellor Emeritus, University of Derby, UK

“The Landmark Forum is not magic. It is not scary or insidious. It is, in fact, simple common sense delivered in an environment of startling intensity. It is this intensity that makes the difference. While any one of us might well have already been told the same home truths by friends and family, we were too distracted by life and too wrapped up in our own defence mechanisms to listen.”

Ameila Hill The London Observer

"I received probably one of the best educations possible—Harvard, Duke, Yale, etc.—but the single course that made the biggest difference in my ability to live a happy, effective and fulfilling life—was The Landmark Forum."

Dr. Keith Berger, MD
CEO of the Center for Health and Cancer Prevention

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