Freedom from Fear

I am a Landmark Education graduate and I am always so grateful for what I learnt, and to this day, I share Landmark Education when the opportunity arises in conversation. The most important thing I learnt was I wanted to know who I was and why was I the way I was, always angry,always scared, always anxious etc. How could I change? I was tire of the old me. I concluded that I needed to seek more knowledge to help me with this change. I took what I understood from Landmark and put it into practice. Other sources of knowledge were also directing me to move away from my past. If I truly wanted this amazing life I had to re-invent my-self, I had to change and put my past behind me for good. The key is that Landmark taught me that all was possible no matter how difficult it may seem. I had put no restrictions in seeking more knowledge. My mind was wide open, the box no longer exists.

I found out that lack, doubt, anxiety and fear of death are deeply rooted in us all. We are constantly reminded that we die. Its in our daily language, even Landmarks teachings tell you, you die. In my opinion to say you die creates a negative thinking, and negative language, creates negative thought, which creates negative thinking.

The karmic wheel only spins one way. What would it be like to create a possibility of constant positive thought to constantly train ourselves to be positive and allow the negative thoughts to pass through your mind like clouds in the sky. Simply put be aware of your negative thoughts and let them go. You can’t loose by being positive its impossible. This maybe what is meant by choosing life over we always die. “Life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be enjoyed.”

Our environment, our daily lives, our society reminds us to choose death, anxiety, fear etc. and in essence we become victims of life instead of being responsible for our lives. Most of Landmark participants start off as victims of life including my-self. Victims usually relate to the past and therefore stay in the past. Landmark shines a light on your past to show you what it really is, a story that we hang to, to create our reality but only in our mind. The physical reality happened in the past and cannot be changed. Could it be that the stories we are given about tragic deaths etc are then added to our past stories and knowledge of death to create a fear in the present moment. 9/11 comes to mind. We must learn to let go of our past no matter how tragic otherwise we cannot bring the positive in our lives because then we are always looking through the eyes of the past. So the question might be “How come we struggle to change” and the answer might be because the common thought is negative as our society keeps reminding us. Its instilled in all of our cultures in everything we do. Also known a social consciousness. Our past is not simply an event that happened to us. Consider that our past is rooted in our emotions and we are addicted to our emotions. The stories we tell are always accompanied by our emotions.

If you have done Landmark Education consider that you have been seeking something. Do not stop, the work maybe hard but the rewards are 1000 fold.

Thank you for allowing me to express my-self and I leave you with this quote.

“Listen without trying to hear anything special”

You are all loved unconditionally and again my thanks to all those at Landmark for allowing me to create this amazing life I now live.

Victor Gagnon

Mission, BC

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2 Responses to Freedom from Fear

  1. Reena says:

    Thank you, I had an issue with my husband and in laws, though I chose the possibility of being a love and peace in my family. I often find myself restless and lack peace. I keep checking if somebody saw that I am trying to make peace and come to my support. I especially expect my husband and mother in law who live with me, to understand me, and love me and let go off the past. But that does not happen completely. They love me but they cannot let go of the past..and I try to justify the past when they talk about it and we all end up hurt. Again I got to remember my possibility and I go talking it out and reconciling. Actually even today I prayed God that I need to get away from my mother in law and be with my husband alone to be at peace. But after reading your quote I see how much I am working to recreate the past and try ending it. It is not poissible. The past is over. I have created the possibility for the future and I just got to go in that. Sometimes I fear what if things continue the same way throughout my life. Then will I always be restless and hurt? No, I get it now. I project my past into my future and I become restless. My possibility is what I see now. Thank you so much.

  2. Gisele Kelly says:

    Well said Vic: “Life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be enjoyed.” There’s so much to enjoy out there, don’t miss out! lots of love.

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